About Us

We are a group of avid shooters with over 50 years of reloading experience and 150 years of shooting and hunting experience.  Like most small arms enthusiasts, we have had a hard time finding quality, affordable ammunition to feed our passion for shooting. We decided to take our years of experience and put it to work to produce high quality, affordable ammunition for people just like us.

Our backgrounds vary, consisting of 35 years of military and law enforcement experience. The military experience includes jet mechanic engineering, field artillery fire direction support, range master and general firearms training.  Combine that with a total of 75 years of business operations management and we bring a broad range of experience to our business.

We sell our ammunition through our store front at 10 Greg St. Suite 108, Sparks, NV 89431, on our website at www.titanammo.com, and at gun shows in Nevada.

Although we are starting with only two calibers (9mm and 45ACP), we plan to expand quickly into .223 and more pistol calibers.  We will also be selling guns at the storefront only.