How do we do it?

How does Titan Ammunition and Arms provide quality ammo at such great prices?  It starts with the brass that’s ejected when a bullet is fired.  Instead of just throwing that metal away, we reclaim it.  The casings are cleaned and tested, to make sure they are safe to re-use.  They are refitted, reprimed and set with new slugs.  The end result is a fresh round that is just as functional and effective as one made brand new.  The only difference is – you don’t get socked with sky-high prices.

We use quality products to produce our remanufactured ammunition.
Bullets: X-Treme TMJ.
Powder: Alliant Power Pistol and Bullseye.
Primers: CCI and Winchester

Our Equipment:
Ammo Load Mark X Loaders.
Camdex Case Processors.
Commercial grade tumblers.  We use walnut shell and corncob to clean and polish the once-fired brass.

Ammo Load Mark X Loader

You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase any item from Titan Ammunition and Arms, LLC.  See Terms and Conditions page.